Covert Entry Technologies.

Ascendant Research Services are a single-source supplier of state-of-the-art covert entry technology to recognised law enforcement customers with legal oversight.

Our technologies are rapid, discreet and considered to be the best available in their class for their purpose. Some of our technologies are subject to international patent(s).

We continue to develop a range of surveillance solutions for specialists in:

  • Law Enforcement

  • Military Reconnaissance

  • Intelligence

  • Specialist Policing

For further information on our technologies request access to our restricted section for further information, media and pricing.


Acoustic Microscopy & Sensor Design.

We are known for our specialist expertise in the construction of miniaturised measurement and vibration sensors.

Our acoustic microscopy devices return highly accurate, micron-sized data resolutions for a variety of data capture purposes.

We encourage interaction with industry and government. A range of information on our sensors and instrumentation, including our research background and our technical capability for the development of surveillance and covert entry technology is available upon request.

If you would like further knowledge of the types of sensors and instrumentation we are able to construct, please contact us for further information.


Research and Development.

Our research interests cover:

Physics (Acoustics, Optics, Thermodynamics).

Penetration Testing (Electronics, Software).

Our research and development process results in bespoke instrumentation for a range of operational purposes. We are able to construct hardware and software into an end-solution, which, with testing and acceptance, calibration and field trials, becomes an operational tool.

We aim to be flexible to the requirements of our customers and offer a comprehensive and robust research and development process. Please contact us for further information on our research and development services.


UK OFFICE: +44 (0) 1489 808 228

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