➤    Advanced technologies for covert operations.


We supply significantly advanced technologies to:

  • Law enforcement
  • Military
  • Intelligence
  • Specialists

Our proprietary technologies include state-of-the-art systems for covert penetration, reconnaissance and electronic camouflaging.

These solutions are significantly advanced in comparison with publicly available, mechanical products. Please request a brochure from us for further information.

Our equipment is exclusively available to intelligence, military and law enforcement authorities with interests allied to Her Majesty's Government of the United Kingdom.

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The company has a proven track record of developing operational equipment for the complex and often demanding requirements of our customers. Developing bespoke solutions for complex covert operations is our specialism.

We place emphasis upon our unique scientific pedigree, drawing from our research and engineering staff in order that a cross-discipline approach is taken to complete design solutions which must satisfy operational requirements.

Our research and development services include:

Physics, electronics and software engineering through to integrated system design, measurement and calibration.

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Ascendant Research Services have two training facilities available to its customers on short notice:

  • A dedicated office enclosure for covert investigation(s).
  • A rural location with over 40 acres of enclosed woodland for unobserved covert operations.

Therefore, we are able to support our clients by providing comprehensive training on our technologies in a variety of different operational settings.

We further assist our customers by offering annual maintenance and support schemes so that the maximum support we can offer is ensured at all times.

Furthermore, our technologies incorporate methods of remote connection so that end-users may be assisted by our staff anywhere in the world.

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